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Tree trimming and tree pruning differ in many because tree pruning deals mainly with any issues surrounding the actual branches and boughs of your trees, whereas tree trimming service brings you the means to deal with the foliage and canopy.

With the right tree trimming service, you have the capability to support improved growth within your tree branches and to treat any potential negative affectations. Whether you need aesthetic trimming or health promotion, you can depend on Molina’s Tree Service to be the local tree care company you can rely on.

How Often Should Trees Be Trimmed?

There are many variables that come into play when answering this question. During your free on-site estimate, our tree care professional will determine how often your trees should be trimmed based on location of tree, type of tree, and identifying any obstacles within the tree’s growing path. It is our recommendation trees be trimmed at least once per year with focus on performing the tree trimming service during its dormant season.

However, there are other important factors to consider when you should call a tree trimming company to take a look, such as:

  • When they obstruct a person’s vision.
  • They intertwine with power lines or cables.
  • Your home and safety may be compromised due to its growth.

Whenever you schedule the best time to routinely have your trees trimmed, keep in mind that your safety is most important, then the trees’ health, and finally, the aesthetic purposes and curb appeal.

What Are The Benefits of Tree Trimming?

While it would be nice if trees would retain an appealing shape as they grow, they require regular maintenance for these types of results. Setting a schedule to have your trees trimmed may seem like a stressful event that can put your day to a halt, you will thank yourself for doing so because you will then avoid the severe problems that could occur if you bypassed this routine.

  • Decrease chances of a tree collapsing on your home, car or property
  • Keep trees healthier in the long term with trimming rotted or diseased parts
  • Improve the visual look of the tree to be appear more alive and vibrant

Just like your garden, weeds and harmful matter needs removed to thrive, and trees are no different. General maintenance to your trees, their limbs, and trunk, requires attention and expert care. Molina’s Tree Services understands this and hopes to work with you soon!

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Tree Trimming Service Professional

We want you to know when you hire a fully insured company like Molina’s Tree Service, you’re guaranteed quality results not only for your home and business, but also for the health of the trees on your property.

We have the most experienced tree care crew to handle any size tree trimming service needs with the best equipment for improved safely and efficiency.

Tree trimming is not an easy process, and should always be left to an expert tree care company. For more questions, or to schedule your free estimate, contact Molina’s Tree Service today!

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