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Do You Need a Stump Removal Company?

We get asked all the time about stump removal during our free estimates when on site for discussions about tree removal. We always let customers know that, of course, we absolutely will remove those pesky stumps!

We happen to know a few things about trees, and have seen firsthand how old stumps can be a horrible eyesore in what could be a beautiful property. Even after taking down the tree, and ensuring it gets cut down and removed safely, we are always left with one frustrating reminder: the stump.

What to Expect from Our Stump Removal Service

At Molina’s Tree Service, our stump removal process is done by a team of our trained experts using up-to-date equipment to remove the stumps effectively.

We focus on a few methods to provide the best stump removal service to our customers.

  • Dig it out with shovels, chainsaws, backhoe, or even a Bobcat
  • Use a stump grinder like our powerful Vermeer SC70
  • Burn it from the center out and keep it big and hot
  • Decompose it with drill holes, warm water and nitrogen rich compost
  • Use chemicals poured down drill holes in the center of the stump

If you have a stump you have been wishing wasn’t there anymore, give Molina’s Tree Service a call to schedule a free estimate. No better time than now.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Stump Removal Company

Molina’s Tree Service has been a family-owned and operated company since 2013 who’s committed to providing the best stump removal services to the Raleigh-Triangle area. If we’re removing a tree for you, ask us about our stump removal process so we can leave your property obstruction free as a blank slate.

Stump grinding is no easy task, and should always be left to professionals. For more questions, or to schedule your free estimate, contact Molina’s Tree Service today!

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