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Lot clearing, also referred to as land clearing or tree clearing, is the process of removing unwanted tree overgrowth, shrubbery, debris, and usually to prepare a site for construction of a home or commercial property.

A wide variety of heavy, complicated machinery and equipment is required to get the job done right, safely, and with efficiency. The exact equipment used depends on the size of the lot, type of soil, moisture levels, environmental concerns, and more. Thankfully, our professional lot clearing company has the tools to handle any job, large or small.

What’s Included in a Lot Clearing Service?

Do you have some land in and around Raleigh and you are wanting to develop it into a new home or even a new commercial building? You probably have a lot which is overgrown with shrubs, brush, and a mix of small trees and large trees. Before you can do anything with the land, you’ll need to have it cleared.

Taking the lot clearing task on yourself can be daunting and time consuming. And, more importantly, dangerous! You’ll need specialized and expensive equipment to rent or buy. But, why go through all that when you could hire our professional lot clearing and trusted land clearing company today.

Make use of our expert tree clearing crew and our process. What’s involved you ask? Here’s how Molina’s Tree Service handles lot clearing projects.

  • Site Evaluation
  • Cost Estimate
  • Permits and Paperwork
  • Removing Debris
  • Tree Removal
  • Brush Clearing
  • Weed Abatement
  • Fire Clearance
  • Land Clearing
  • Land Grading
  • Disposal

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Lot Clearing Company

Molina’s Tree Service has been a leading, local tree care company since 2013, family owned and operated who is committed to providing only the best tree care services to our valued Raleigh-Triangle customers.

Efficient, and affordable lot clearing service should be left to the professionals at Molina’s Tree Service. We have the tools, the experience, and the means to get your land cleaning jobs done with haste so you can begin building your dream!

For more questions, or to schedule your free estimate, contact Molina’s Tree Service today!

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