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Have a Tree Pruning Service Need?

Much different than tree trimming, our tree pruning service is an essential part of responsible tree care. Our arborists and tree technicians are experienced in ISA pruning guidelines to sustain healthy and beautiful trees for your home or business.

Pruning of conifers, evergreens, deciduous, ornamentals, and fruit trees (apple, cherry, pear, etc) is our specialty leaving your trees vibrant and thriving.

What Does Our Tree Pruning Services Include?

At any given time of year, no more than 20% – 25% of a mature tree can be removed through pruning. The Molina’s Tree Service experts will prune only as much as is safe for the tree, so the homeowner can enjoy its beauty for years to come through our proven pruning process:

  • Fix previous improper pruning
  • Remove deadwood, crossing branches
  • Raise the crown to provide more space under the tree
  • Reduce the crown to lower the tree’s height
  • Carefully thin the tree to create more light and air flow

It’s important to hire a professional tree care service to prune your trees to provide an overall better look to your property and provide a healthier outcome for the trees when they undergo maintenance services.

When Do You Need Tree Pruning?

Trees will give you visible and tell-tale signs of when they are in need of a maintenance evaluation. It’s important to not overlook them because doing so may result in more dangerous consequences and potentially emergency tree service situations. Don’t ignore these signs:

  • Cracked or bridle bark
  • Oversized crown
  • Heaviness of tree
  • Dense branches
  • Weak branches

If any of these signs are prevalent, you are in need of our tree pruning service before any damage is caused to your home, business or property. Having your trees pruned allows them to grow healthier and stronger once the infected or dead ends are removed.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Tree Pruning Service Professional

We want you to know when you hire a fully insured company like Molina’s Tree Service, you’re guaranteed quality results not only for your home and business, but also for the health of the trees on your property.

We have the most experienced tree care crew to handle any size tree pruning service needs with the best equipment for improved safely and efficiency.

Tree pruning is not an easy process, and should always be left to an expert tree care company. For more questions, or to schedule your free estimate, contact Molina’s Tree Service today!

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